Please fill out the information below to complete the rental application. This is best done on laptop/desktop!

A application fee of $40.00 will be due to have your application processed and is due after this application is completed. If you are eligible for a rental, a security deposit will be required to hold the unit.

Instructions for completing the rental application: Complete a separate “Rental Application” for each resident over the age of 18. (Anyone who wishes to be a responsible party on the lease) Provide all required information. Application will not be processed if fields are missing.  You may pay online or by check or money order, payable to ENC at our office. No application will be considered without the application fee.  INCOMPLETE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE PROCESSED (*) INDICATES REQUIRED FIELD

Please include your first, middle, and last name.
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Date Of Application *
Date Of Application
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Current Address
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Previous Address
Previous Address
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Current Employment Address
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Previous Employer Address
Previous Employer Address
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Proof of Income *
You may be asked to provide proof of income during the application process.
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Please tell us of any other reoccurring monthly debts. This can include car payments, credit card payments or support payments to other parties. If none, please type none.
Emergency Contact 1 *
Emergency Contact 1
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Emergency Contact 2
Emergency Contact 2
Please List Name, Relationship to You, Telephone Number and Address for each reference in the box below.
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Have you ever been taken to court by your landlord for any reason? *
Have you ever moved without paying amounts due to the landlord for rent or damages? *
Have you ever broken a lease? *
Do you owe money to your current landlord? *
Have you ever been charged with or convicted of a felony? *
Do you have the total amount of the security deposit and first month rent now? *
Authorization to Release *
The applicant (s) affirms the foregoing information and gives permission for us to utilize all of the information listed above to approve or disapprove this application including an investigation or past employment, criminal history rental history and credit references. The applicant represents that the statements given in this application are true and correct. The applicant must also understand that providing false information will be grounds for disapproving the application and a breach of any lease.
By signing your name you understand and accept the affirmed statement above. This will qualify as a signature.

You may pay on the application fee online or in person at our office .